Thornton Start Up Grant

The Thornton Start Up Grant is designed to assist small business owners with starting, relocating, or expanding their business (to a larger or 2nd location), anywhere in the city of Thornton. The intention of the program is to rebuild and sustain our economy from the impact of COVID. City Council would like to attract new and unique businesses and services to the Thornton community, while supporting the growth of a small business owner or start up with a concept or idea by bringing it to reality. The intention of the grant is to help those most in need.

If you have been in operation for less than 2 years, please contact the Alliance Business Assistance Center to schedule a time to meet with one of our staff, 720.674.6547. You will be required to submit a business plan and participate in our Business Start Up workshops.

Applicants must be:

  • The business must be new to the city of Thornton, or by an existing Thornton business owner who is expanding to a new address and location in the city of Thornton. (If Certificate of Occupancy has been issued, it must have been issued within 6 months of the date you submit your completed application.)
  • Locating in non-residential zoning designations, not on public property.
  • In compliance with all government fees and taxes, licensing, and applicable laws and ordinances.
  • INELIGIBLE FOR THE GRANT: Non-profits, marijuana related businesses, pawn shops, bail bonds money lending, used car lots, and check cashing businesses, liquor stores, adult oriented in nature businesses, religious institutions, and residential living facilities.

Applicants are responsible for:

  • Filling out all application documentation COMPLETELY. An incomplete application may result in the dismissal of the application.
  • Determining the Scope of Work for each project.
  • Determining the qualifications of the contractors.
  • Submitting a summary of the planned projects and purchases to be made.
  • Paying the difference, if any, between the approved grant amount and total project costs.
  • Ensuring that all work is permitted and inspected properly. Some inspections may need to be performed during the actual work, rather than afterward. You can speak to the Building Department for more information on permits and inspections.
  • Collecting and compiling invoices, receipts, and photos for one submission in an orderly manner.
  • Providing a current Business Plan, if in business less than 2 years, or a Strategic Plan, if in business longer than 2 years. Assistance is available through a no-cost consultation with the Alliance Business Assistance Center. Your Business Plan or Strategic Plan must be completed, submitted and approved before funds will be reserved.
  • Receiving approval from property manager or building owner to make building improvements and/or add large equipment to the space (if not clarified in lease)
  • Completing the business start up workshops (if in business less than 2 years). Please contact the Alliance Business Assistance Center to schedule a time to meet with one of our staff, 720.674.6547.
  • Compliance with all city taxes, licensing, and applicable laws and ordinances.
  • Obtaining a Thornton Business License and final Certificate of Occupancy from the city of Thornton before funding will be disbursed.

Reimbursement Requirements:

  • Obtain final approval from the appropriate City department on all work requiring a permit and inspection.
  • Have been issued a Business License and Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Pay for the work of the contractor prior to submitting for reimbursement.
  • Submit an itemized list of your receipts and invoices, including date of purchase, name of company, description of project or purchase, and amount.
  • Attach all supporting project documentation including receipts (i.e. proof of payment), lien waivers, and “after” photographs, indicating project completeness to the Economic Development Office.
  • Applicants are responsible for itemizing permit fees and loan interest in their reimbursement request.
  • Attend the business start up workshops and receive business plan approval from the grant review committee (if in business less than 2 years).

Maximum reimbursement amounts:

  • The maximum amount is $10,000.
  • The maximum amount is $5,000 for businesses who are subleasing space (sublease – sharing the same physical address as another business). Exception: separate unit numbers or suites that are registered with the City of Thornton and US Postal Office.

Please review ALL attachments prior to applying. If you have additional questions, contact the Alliance Business Assistance Center at 720-927-5246 or [email protected]

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