Thornton’s primary redevelopment objective is to rejuvenate the city by addressing blighted properties.

Utilizing diverse redevelopment strategies including urban renewal, our team aims to combat disinvestment trends and cultivate an environment that supports the success of commercial property owners and occupants.

We engage with property owners, developers, businesses and city offices to achieve the following objectives:

  • Remove blight and deterioration
  • Invigorate stagnant areas of the city
  • Catalyze development for long-term investment
  • Increase the tax base by creating new revenue sources
  • Encourage and facilitate public/private partnerships
  • Support local business
  • Stimulate the development of underutilized land

Thornton Shopping Center Redevelopment Project

The Thornton Shopping Center, constructed in phases between 1955 and 1976, is Thornton’s oldest shopping center, once hosted more than 30 stores, and was the heart of shopping in Thornton. By 2022, decades of neglect and significant dry cleaning chemical contamination led the Thornton Development Authority to seize the property through the eminent domain process.

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Current Urban Renewal Areas

East 144th Avenue & Interstate 25 Urban Renewal Plan Area

Comprises three parcels and the Bull Canal, totaling roughly 67 acres situated at the southeast corner of I-25 and 144th Ave.

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North Washington Street Corridor Urban Renewal Plan Area

Encompasses the Larkridge Shopping Center, and extends along the eastern side of I-25. Stretches south from State Highway 7 down to 144th Ave.

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South Thornton Urban Renewal Plan Area

The South Thornton Urban Renewal Plan Area spans around 290 parcels, covering approximately 664 acres in south Thornton.

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Chad Howell, CHMM


Chad oversees, administers, and coordinates urban renewal projects for both the city of Thornton and the Thornton Development Authority (TDA). With over 34 years of experience, he holds a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager credential, specializing in managing assessments, cleanups, and property redevelopment across multiple states.
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Thornton Development Authority

The Thornton Development Authority (TDA), created in 1981, is an urban renewal authority (URA) whose purpose is to remove blight and promote the revitalization of Thornton. TDA promotes economic vitality by using tax increment financing (TIF) to spur redevelopment activities that would otherwise not occur. Download the 2023 TDA Annual Report.

Development Opportunities

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