Thornton Development Authority

The Thornton Development Authority (TDA), created in 1981, is an urban renewal authority (URA) whose purpose is to remove blight and promote the revitalization of Thornton. TDA promotes economic vitality by using tax increment financing (TIF) to spur redevelopment activities that would otherwise not occur.

By cooperating with property owners, developers, businesses and city offices, the TDA seeks the following outcomes:

  • Remove blight and deterioration
  • Invigorate stagnant areas of the city that have a negative impact on the surrounding community
  • Catalyze development for long-term investment
  • Increase the tax base by creating new revenue sources
  • Encourage and facilitate public/private partnerships
  • Support local business
  • Stimulate the development of underutilized land

The TDA is comprised of City Council members and currently manages three URA plan areas, each of which run for a 25-year term; for further information, please contact us.

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