We Support Local Business!

The principal focus of Thornton’s local business support efforts is to provide a high level of customer service and access to a wide variety of resources dictated by a company’s unique needs. Our customer-focused approach to local expansion and retention delivers value to Thornton’s large and small employers by quickly connecting them to the resources they need and removing barriers to business growth.


We can help bring your business dreams to life!

Information gained through the local business support programs is also used to make the city an even better place to do business.

The success of each local business is a major focus of the City of Thornton, our elected officials, and our valued regional resource partners. We strive to offer tremendous opportunities to existing businesses to thrive and grow within the city.

The Economic Development Office is happy to provide local businesses with:

  • 1 to 1 business services and ongoing relationship development with our Local Business Administrator
  • Liaison services through the various City Departments when opening and operating a business in Thornton
  • Liaison services through the permit and inspection processes
  • Referral services to community partner resources
  • Business connections and networking opportunities
  • Assistance with grant applications, technical assistance and other small business services

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The Thornton Economic Development Office actively pursues local business opportunities as a means of promoting economic development within the city and serves as an ambassador for quality development/redevelopment.

Robin Martinez, CEcD (Sólo en Inglés)
Local Business Administrator

Luis Moreno (En Español)
[email protected]