South Thornton Attraction & Revitalization (STAR) Grant

The STAR Grant is designed to enhance and revitalize commercial areas in the South Thornton Development Area (South TDA; identified as within the TDA, South of 104th Avenue) by attracting and supporting new and expanding businesses to the area, assisting business owners with building improvements, and assisting with the cost of permitting and licensing, regulatory compliance, equipment purchases or exterior and façade improvements. This program will only reimburse eligible expenses, up to the pre-approved grant amount, for eligible projects. The business plan must be reviewed and approved by the STAR grant review committee before  an award letter will be issued.

Applicants must be:

South Thornton TDA Boundaries
  • A new business owner at the identified address, locating or expanding a commercial business into an existing building, within the South Thornton Development Area (if Certificate of Occupancy has been issued, it must have been issued within 6 months of the date you submit your completed application and business plan.
  • If business is subleasing space in a building, the maximum grant is $5,000.
  • Locating in non-residential zoning designations, not on public property.
  • In compliance with all government fees and taxes, licensing, and applicable laws and ordinances.
  • EXCLUSIONS: Funding cannot be used for non-profits, marijuana related businesses, pawn shops, bail bonds, money lending, used car lots, check cashing, liquor stores, adult oriented nature, religious institutions, residential living facilities.
Applications are accepted January 2023 – October 31, 2023. Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis until the funding is gone.


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