Thornton Alliance for Business Safety Program

Crime Prevention & Education for Business Personnel

The Thornton Alliance for Business Safety program (TABS) is intended to grow relationships and partnerships between the Thornton Police Department, the City of Thornton, and Thornton businesses of all sizes in order to prevent crime and promote a safe environment for employees and customers.

Goals of the TABS program:

  • Actively reduce and prevent crime through cooperation and education.
  • Promote communication and understanding between law enforcement and business.
  • Encourage and enhance cooperation among merchants.
  • Teach merchants to prevent crime on their own properties, watch over neighboring businesses, and document and report suspicious activity.
  • Teach employees how to be observant and aware.


  • Law enforcement cannot be on every corner, so citizen involvement is essential to combat crime.
  • You and your fellow merchants are the ones who really know what is going on in your community.
  • Networking with each other and law enforcement, businesses can help fight crime in their commercial districts in the most cost effective way – before it begins.
  • Garner publicity and community goodwill of your establishment.

For more information about TABS, contact the Thornton Police Department at 720.977.5124.

CodeRED Emergency Notification System

The City of Thornton uses the CodeRED Emergency Notification System to warn businesses and residents of potential life safety dangers and other emergencies. The system has the ability to send alerts to individual households, neighborhoods, or the entire city based on the risk to the community, however it requires you to sign-up. The alerts come in the form of a telephone call, text message, email, social media, mobile alerts to the CodeRED app, and may include the use of the Federal Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS).