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Let’s go fishing in Thornton!

Not that anyone in Thornton needs an excuse to go fishing, but it’s nice to know there’s an entire week dedicated to enjoying such a relaxing pastime!

If you’re new to fishing (or just new to Thornton), here’s a list of a few places to stock up on fishing supplies and some local hot spots to catch tonight’s dinner! (Or catch-and-release.) All lakes in Thornton are open from 6 a.m. to 11 pm. unless otherwise noted.

1. Thornton Gravel Ponds
Open March 15 to October 31

2. Hunters Glen Lake Park
No motorized boats allowed

3. Lambertson Lakes x 3

4. Grandview Ponds x 4
Minimum size for bass is 15”

5. Carpenter Park Lake

6. Civic Center Lake

7. Grange Creek Park Pond

8. Marshall lake

9. Nott’s Pond

10. Park Village Pond

11. Sage Creek Park

12. Woodglen Park Pond

For directions and more information, visit

Where to buying fishing gear in Thornton:

1. Angling Designs
3879 E. 120th Ave., #337, Thornton

2. Sportsman’s Warehouse
11 W. 84th Ave., Thornton

3. Cabela’s
14050 Lincoln St., Thornton