What can we do for you?

The City of Thornton Economic Development Office can assist your company or client’s relocation, expansion or retention in multiple ways:

Real Estate Referrals and Coordination

  • Criteria-specific real estate searches
  • Confidential solicitations to city of Thornton real estate community
  • Utility support

Workforce Analysis and Support

  • Customized labor depth, cost and quality¬†analysis
  • Recruitment training assistance
  • Employee relocation assistance

Community Hosting, Planning, Preparation and Coordination

  • Hotel accommodations for site visits
  • Tour and ground transportation
  • Community briefings
  • Interviews with peer companies and local agencies
  • Real estate tours

Business Climate Info

  • Business operating costs
  • Economic base
  • Economic trends
  • Regulatory policy
  • Vendor/supply chain support
  • Competitors in the market
  • Transportation
  • Cost of living

Community Involvement

  • Single point coordination for regulatory agencies
  • Workforce partner discussions
  • Assistance in fast-tracking development approvals
  • Incentive negotiation

Market Research

  • Industry concentration information
  • Customized prospect research

Educational Connections

  • Connections to universities
  • Community college coordination
  • K-12 advantages

Announcement and Post-Care Work

  • Press conferences
  • Press releases
  • Open houses
  • Transition to business retention and expansion