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City Process

City Development

Thornton’s City Development Department is responsible for the planning and development of all Thornton’s residential and commercial neighborhoods.

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City Development Divisions & Services

Current Planning & Zoning:
Information and services around current development, including annexation, zoning and rezoning, subdivision, etc.
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Development Engineering:
Information and services around plan reviews, inspections, and permitting for infrastructure.
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Landscape Architecture:
Landscaping requirements and helpful handouts to aid in construction projects.
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Building Inspection:
Information on licenses, permits, building guides, advisories, and more.
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Long-Range Planning:
Information and services around the city’s long-range planning, including population and demographic information, Thornton Comprehensive Plan, North Washington Sub-Area Plan, Thornton Transportation Plan, Eastlake Transit Station Plan, and more.
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Mapping information and data analysis involving the city’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) used to assist city staff in making informed decisions about our community.
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Community Connections:
Information and services around home ownership, neighborhood preservation, neighborhood code issues, home repair, affordable housing, foreclosure assistance, and more.
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Development Review Guide

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