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Thornton Business News

Big News: Thornton Water Project Approved in Larimer County

Thornton Water Project Update

We have some monumental news to share: the Thornton Water Project has officially received approval to move forward in Larimer County! This significant milestone marks a crucial step towards securing a sustainable water future for the community of Thornton. The Thornton Water Project aims to source water from reservoirs located north of Fort Collins and transport it via a 70-mile pipeline to serve the residents of Thornton. This endeavor promises to provide a much-needed high-quality water source to the city, ensuring access to clean and reliable water for years to come.

In a unanimous 3-0 vote on Wednesday evening, Larimer County commissioners granted the permit for construction within their jurisdiction. This decision comes after years of meticulous planning and collaboration between Thornton officials and Larimer County stakeholders.

The inception of the Thornton Water Project dates back to the mid-1980s with the acquisition of water rights. Despite facing setbacks, including a permit denial in 2019, the city of Thornton remained steadfast in its commitment to realizing this essential infrastructure project. Following the permit denial, Thornton assembled a dedicated team to refine the project plan, ensuring that it not only met the city’s requirements but also aligned with Larimer County’s criteria for such endeavors. The result? A comprehensive proposal that garnered widespread support and ultimately secured approval from county authorities.

A project of this magnitude requires the collaboration and dedication of numerous individuals and organizations. Thornton extends heartfelt thanks to the Larimer County staff and Commissioners for their thoughtful consideration and support throughout the approval process.

As construction commences and the Thornton Water Project takes shape, the community can anticipate reaping the benefits of this long-awaited endeavor. From improved water quality to enhanced sustainability, the project promises to leave a lasting positive impact on Thornton and its residents. In conclusion, congratulations to Thornton on this momentous achievement! The approval of the Thornton Water Project signals a brighter, more sustainable future for the community, laying the groundwork for continued growth and prosperity.