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Spotlight On: Mystic Mountain Distillery Tasting Room

At Mystic Mountain, distilling is a four generation passion. From our original Rocky Mountain “Sippin’ Hooch” to today’s full lineup, we’ve always prided ourselves on making the smoothest, highest quality spirits.

Prohibition-Era to WWII

In the late 1800s, a master brewer from Bavaria, came to Colorado. He worked for the original Coors Brewery founder until he retired. Once retired, he homesteaded just southwest of what’s known today as North Turkey Creek in Evergreen.

He spent his evenings making beverages to soothe the hard working man’s soul. Soon, his “sippin hooch” was a hit…until the start of prohibition. But you can’t keep a great moonshiner down! No one will confirm it, but chances are his small batch distilling operation simply moved a little farther into the woods.

Around the same time, in another part of Colorado – Cripple Creek – another gentleman turned to moonshining after losing his job in the mines at the end of the Great Depression. This turned into a family business. His son put heavy springs on their Model A, souped up the engine, and ran shine down the steep mountain roads. They supplied the army bases in Colorado Springs and kept some of the other ‘tea houses’ fully stocked until his enlistment in World War II.

After the repeal of the Prohibition Act, the family resigned their moonshining occupation and locked away their secret family recipes.

Present Day

In early 2004, we began reviving the family tradition once again and set up shop in Larkspur, CO, and this time we kept everything on the right side of the law.

Tasting room in Thornton.

Today, Mystic Mountain Distillery produces 10 different product sure to please any fan of premium liquor. Our Rocky Mountain Moonshine is sure to do the original moonshiners proud, and our Limited Edition Legacy Super Premium Whiskey – aged at least 10 years before hitting the shelf – is made from the recipe perfected during Prohibition.

In addition to our classic “Sippin’ Hooch” and Legacy Super Premium Whiskey, we offer: Citrus and Orange Burst Moonshine, Colorado Blue Vodka, Mystic Mountain Outlaw Whiskey, Mystic Mountain Outlaw Red Cinnamon Whiskey, Aces High Whiskey, and Colorado Fog Gin.