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Spotlight On: Allegro Coffee Company

Roasting one of our favorite blends at our Thornton location.

Our Story

Phil Collins becomes lead singer of Genesis, Microsoft is founded, the Vietnam War ends, Saturday Night Live, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Wheel of Fortune premiere and disco is busting a serious move. It’s 1975—and people get their coffee from cans.

Grim though it may seem, there was a time when people thought all coffee was the same. It was a time without espresso shops. A time without “Arabica” in the American lexicon. But Jeffrey Cohn, whose grandfather founded coffee giant Superior Coffee, hatched the idea to bring truly superior coffee to the people. His specialty coffee company would sell coffee that—gasp—tasted good. In 1977, his vision became a reality with the establishment of The Brewing Market in Boulder, Colorado.

After opening his second shop in 1980, Cohn began roasting his own beans, exposing Boulder to authentic, freshly roasted specialty coffees for the first time. In 1985, increasing demand in the wholesale market prompted Cohn to sell The Brewing Market and launch Allegro Coffee Company, an import, roasting and wholesale distribution venture. Cohn used only the purest quality ingredients and traditional, handcrafted roasting methods, sparking the interest of Boulder’s natural foods retailers just as natural foods markets were beginning a phase of dynamic, nationwide expansion.

By 1995, Allegro was distributing its coffee throughout the United States. With a secure reputation as a national leader in specialty coffees, Allegro continued to enjoy particular success in the natural foods arena. Natural products pioneer Whole Foods Market—one of Allegro’s earliest customers—acquired Allegro in 1997, culminating a mutually beneficial decade. The acquisition united two businesses that had grown up together and are admired as industry leaders. The result is a partnership of shared priorities and ideals that continue to nurture Allegro’s growth.

Great coffee isn’t about overwhelming your palate. It’s about giving your senses a rebirth. At Allegro Coffee, that’s what we pursue from the very first hit of aroma to the last sip in every cup. Our coffees capture a taste and tradition that permeate every step of the journey from seed to cup™. Since 1977, when we established ourselves as one of Colorado’s first specialty coffee producers, Allegro Coffee Company has continued to perfect the time-honored, artisanal traditions that make our coffee the most flavorful you can find. We want every cup of Allegro coffee to be close-your-eyes good.

Seems that Cohn’s vision for great coffee has been good for us all. Unlike disco.

Allegro has been operating in Thornton since October 2000, after outgrowing their original home in Boulder.

Thornton has a great mix of diverse businesses with easy access to other parts of the metro area. Thornton has been a great partner for Allegro, and we’re looking forward to a lasting relationship for years to come.Susan Drexel, Director of Plant Operations and Purchasing, Allegro Coffee Company