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Looking for a place to try yoga?

Never tried yoga? If you live in Thornton, you can try your hand at this relaxing and surprisingly simple form of exercise at one of the following establishments. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you’re doing! These places will guide you the through the moves and keep you from overexerting yourself. Yoga is easy on the joints, improves balance, flexibility and stability, and is great for rehab, recovery and injury prevention! You may be surprised how fast you fall in love with this 5,000-year-old practice!

Haute Yoga Colorado
16631 Washington St, Thornton

Adventure Fitness Athletic Club
12301 Grant St., #210, Thornton

Chuze Fitness
650 102nd Ave., Thornton

VASA Fitness
1420 E. 104th Ave., Thornton

Powerhouse Gym Thornton
4251 E. 104th Ave., Thornton

Orangetheory Fitness
4243 E. 136th Ave., #330, Thornton

Active Adult Center
9209 Dorothy Blvd., Thornton