Spotlight On: Progresh

Working out a new snowboarding move.

2017 City of Thornton Community Spirit Award Winner

It’s not hard to see why a business like Progresh ( would win the City of Thornton’s Community Spirit Award. The honor recognizes a Thornton business that demonstrates strong involvement in the community and/or has made a significant impact on the community and Progresh is a positive influence on local youth (and adults!) in multiple ways.

The training center is dedicated to ski, snowboard, skateboarding, BMX and tumbling progression, and contributes to the community through internships for young people in cooperation with the Adams County Workforce and Business Center Youth Succeed Program.

Led by some of the best coaches in the industry, Progresh offers a variety of classes for kids, teens and adults, as well as private lessons, parties and summer camps, in things you may not have even heard of! Slackline? Freerunning? Parkour? Freestyle scooter? It’s OK if you’re not familiar with them. Progresh is all about helping people of all levels progress in their sport of choice—even if they’re just at the point of curiosity.

Most classes run for six consecutive weeks and are designed for overall fitness and strategic skill progression. Classes are available to those as young as 3 years old. Don’t assume there are tons of restrictions; although safety is always a priority, so is fun!

Looking for something to do with your team, co-workers and friends? Progresh offers team-building sessions, field trips, team-training sessions and special events.

There’s an on-site skate and scooter repair shop and a jam-packed schedule that’s published online so you can find the best times to drop in based on your interests.

Ready to get started? Head to the website to check out the different pricing plans, including drop-in sessions, junior memberships and full memberships.
Be sure to follow Progresh’s social media links to see photos and videos that show just how deserving Progresh is of the City’s award—and your play time!

For more information contact:
Thornton Economic Development Office
303-538-7605 · [email protected]