The nine-county Metro Denver and Northern Colorado region ranked fifth for fossil fuels energy employment and fourth among the nation’s 50 largest metros for cleantech employment concentration in 2016. Overall, the energy industry cluster employs 52,850 people in the area.

Metro Denver Energy Employment Snapshot

Fossil FuelsCleantech
Direct Employment30,46022,390
Five-Year Employment Growth (2011-2016)20.7% (-1.5%)20.4% (17.6%)
One-Year Employment Growth (2016)-3.7% (-8.4%)6% (5.7%)
Direct Employment Concentration (2016)1.4% (1%)1% (0.5%)
Average Wage$111,880$79,690
Employment Concentration Ranking (Among 50 largest metros)64

This region has attracted the nation’s top energy companies to Metro Denver, including:

  • The Northern Group
  • Ascent Solar
  • Motion Design, Inc.
  • FMC Technologies Inc.
  • SunShare LLC
  • Sunetric Inc.
  • HalcyĆ³n Resources Corp.

Source: Metro Denver EDC