What is a Primary Business?

A primary sector business can be a large manufacturing company with thousands of jobs, a sole proprietor, or anything in between–as long as they are infusing new money into the local economy.

Traditionally, primary sector employers are manufacturers, agricultural or mining firms; however, today some service companies and business support firms, such as call centers, regional administrative support or large distribution companies meet the criteria to be classified as primary employers.

Amazon Robotics and Distribution Center employs over 2,000 people.

Sales of a primary business’ products or services result in dollars that are infused back to the local economy as salaries for the company’s employees and purchases for supplies made by the business. This economic activity is essential in providing support to local retail, service and professional economic sectors.

The Thornton Economic Development Office actively pursues primary employment opportunities as a means of promoting economic development within the city and serves as an ambassador for quality development/redevelopment.

Adam Krueger, CEcD
Economic Development Director

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