Spotlight On: Metro North Chamber of Commerce

2019 City of Thornton Program Partner of the Year Award Winner

The Metro North Chamber of Commerce was instrumental in creating the Thornton Chamber of Commerce in 2018. This “Chamber within a Chamber” is the first of its kind and was formed along with the City of Thornton to provide another level of service to local businesses and small business owners.

The mission of the Metro North Chamber of Commerce is to engage diverse, vibrant businesses and communities to create a prosperous and growing regional economy. Their vision is to create a Metro North region that is the country’s most prosperous business community.

Metro North Chamber Values:

  • Make an Impact – Community. Membership. Business-minded. Improvement. Inspire.
  • Do What’s Right – Honesty. Integrity. Thoughtful. Considerate. Collaborative. Fun. Leadership.
  • Never Stop Pushing – Innovative. Curious. Growth. Improvement. Genuine. Open.
  • Get It Done – Perrfection yields to deadline. Resolve. Grit. Determination. Accountability. Perseverance. Driven.

For more information contact:
Thornton Economic Development Office
303-538-7605 · [email protected]