FasTracks Commuter Rail Line

The City of Thornton has diligently prepared master plans for each of the three FasTracks stations in the area. Additionally, they have devised a master plan for the surrounding land near the station located in Northglenn. To learn more about these plans, visit or get in touch with Thornton City Development at 303.538.7295.

Original Thornton at 88th Station

The 82-acre station incorporates the station itself and properties to the north and east of the station, which are anticipated to undergo redevelopment and/or development in the future.

Total Size: 82 Acres

1 mile: 16,610 people
3 miles: 110,028 people
5 miles: 267,017 people

Household Income: 
$64,962 average

Median Age: 33

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Thornton Crossroads at 104th Station

Situated south of 104th Avenue and east of the Union Pacific railroad tracks, this 84-acre station and Park-n-Ride have been carefully planned. The Project Team conducted a comprehensive assessment within a radius of approximately one-half mile from the station, carefully considering the interconnection between the station and the neighboring communities within this vicinity.

Total Size: 84 Acres

1 mile: 16,392 people
3 miles: 113,728 people
5 miles: 266,997 people

Household Income: 
$73,785 average

Median Age: 33.2

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112th Avenue Station (Northglenn)

The Northglenn station at 112th contains nearly 90 acres of vacant land directly adjacent to the station site, spanning both the city of Northglenn and the city of Thornton. The developable land to the south and east of the station is owned by three parties, presenting an advantage in terms of coordinating planning, infrastructure, and financing for new developments due to the relatively limited number of property owners involved. The Station Area Master Plan, currently in progress, is formulating preferred land uses for these vacant properties.

Total Size: 90 Acres

1 mile: 19,023 people
3 miles: 137,281 people
5 miles: 288,061 people

Household Income: 
$86,706 average

Median Age: 34.4

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Eastlake at 124th Station

This station spans 37.5 acres and encompasses not only the station itself, but also adjacent properties expected to undergo development in the future.

Total Size: 37.5 Acres

1 mile: 15,981 people
3 miles: 123,461 people
5 miles: 246,000 people

Household Income: 
$85,301 average

Median Age: 34.2

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