Spotlight On: Busy BeeZ Crafts & Ceramics

2019 City of Thornton Entrepreneurial Innovation Award Winner

Welcome to Busy BeeZ Crafts & Ceramics!

Owners, Christie Smith and ReAnne Funk

In November 2018, ReAnne Funk and Christie Smith launched this community of artists, students and people from all walks of life working side-by-side in a friendly environment that encourages and inspires artistic growth. They believe everyone has an artist inside them, looking to express her/himself and they want to help you find your artistic voice. Busy BeeZ offers a full-service ceramics studio, drop-in and craft options, crafting classes in a multitude of mediums, commercial orders, and community outreach.

Each and every one of our seasoned artists is dedicated to sharing their love and passion with you whether you choose to drop in for an hour to paint, create a one-of-a-kind piece that is competition worthy, or want to try out a new medium in one of our many step-by-step hands-on class offerings. 


For more information contact:
Thornton Economic Development Office
303-538-7605 ·