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Thornton Development Authority


The Thornton Development Authority (TDA) was created by the city of Thornton as an urban renewal authority in 1981 to remove blight and promote the revitalization of Thornton. The TDA provides financial assistance through Tax Increment Financing (TIF) to spur redevelopment acitivites that would not otherwise occur and to promote economic vitality. Through the cooperative effort of property owners, developers, businesses and the city, the TDA can fund eligible improvements within a designated plan area that have public benefit and support the overall elimination of blight.

The TDA seeks to:

  • Remove blight or deterioration
  • Invigorate stagnant areas of the city that have a negative impact on the surrounding community 
  • Catalyze development for long-term investment
  • Increase the tax base by creating a new revenue source (not a new tax)
  • Encourage and facilitate public/private partnerships
  • Support local businesses
  • Stimulate the development of unutilized and under utilized land

The TDA manages three URA plan areas. For further information, please visit the tabs for each listed on the left sidebar.