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Targeted Industry Overview

In order for communities to maximize their resources in attracting companies, it is important to identify industry sectors that offer the best chance for success. The city of Thornton’s Economic Development Office uses a number of criteria for determining industry targets, including:
  • The industry sector must have the kind of attributes that the community finds desirable (e.g. high wage, highly skilled positions, future growth potential, capital intensive, etc.).
  • There must be some evidence that the industry is attracted to the region (i.e. the existence of a significant concentration of the industry target in the region).
  • There should be some evidence that our community can compete for these company relocations within the region.
  • Where possible, some research evidence that indicates this industry group is important to the future growth of the region and likely to increase its share of the national market here.
  • It should be an industry cluster that helps to diversify the economic base of the area.
  • There should be some ability to combine resources regionally to attract these companies.
Thornton is part of the larger Metro Denver region. Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation has diligently identified and supported a core group of industry clusters for the past ten years. These are industries in which the region consistently competes and wins on a national and international level.
The target industries selected for Thornton were purposefully selected from the current list of regional target industries supported by the Metro Denver EDC. This list of regional targets established a baseline to select a precise list that matches with the city of Thornton’s strengths and capabilities.
Thornton’s targeted industries include:
  • Aerospace
  • Broadcasting and Telecommunications
  • Energy
  • Healthcare and Wellness
  • Software and Information Technology