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Businesses of Thornton Advisory Commission

The Businesses of Thornton Advisory Commission (BTAC) is a commission of the City Council made up of appointed representatives from Thornton's business community.  The general purpose of BTAC is to discuss and share both the challenges as well as the successes experienced by Thornton Businesses.

Specific elements of their charge include:

  • Meet regularly to discuss and comment on factors that impact the ability of businesses to be successful in Thornton.
  • On a quarterly basis, report findings and make recommendations to City Council that are representative of all Thornton area businesses, regardless of industry, location or size.
  • Ensure that reported information submitted to the City Council is accurate, balanced and represents the findings of the owner/operators throughout the City.
  • Identify the types of things that, from a business perspective, make it attractive to do business in Thornton versus other cities in the metro area.
  • Identify impediments businesses face as they engage in business within the City.
  • Identify strategies that would assist the City and businesses by reducing these impediments.
  • Develop recommendations, alternatives/options and action steps to reach business success goals.
  • Identify strategies that would encourage owners to revitalize and reinvest in their businesses.
  • Develop position papers with regard to specific business topics as identified by the Council.
  • Work on special projects as assigned by the Council.
Interested in getting involved?  Please click here for more information and an application.